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Programs & Projects

Our work spans a wide variety of areas that include land use and development, transportation, sustainability, community building, and improving the overall livability and vitality of the Union Park community.


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The Union Park District Council is proud to announce the continuation of its Micro-Grant Program!

Midway Peace Park

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St. Paul's Newest Park: the culmination of a decade-long dream.

Neighbors United Funding Collborative

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The Neighbors United Funding Collaborative is a community-fund supporting the communities of Midway and Union Park.

Block Ambassador Handbook

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Build community, relationships, and solutions on your block and in your neighborhood!

Solidarity Fund

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The Union Park and Lex-Ham Solidarity Fund is a grassroots funding effort to provide economic relief for residents. Our goal is to provide housing assistance through one-time, $500 grants to households, to be administered by Keystone Community Services.

Tent/Barricade/Compost and Recycling Rental

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Information for reserving a tent, barricade, or compost rental for block parties or other community events!

Park Improvement Fund

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Our Environment and Parks Committee (E&P) makes recommendations on the use of funds earned through a cell phone tower lease agreement.

Ten-Year Community Plan

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Union Park's finalized ten-year vision plan for the district, which identifies priority policies and strategies for growth, investment, and development in our neighborhoods.

Allianz Field

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A Major League Soccer franchise, Minnesota United FC, has come to the Twin Cities, and the owners have built a soccer-specific stadium at Snelling and University.

Saint Paul Greenway

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Read about Union Park's involvement in connecting the Midtown Greenway to St. Paul.

Snow Removal

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Find resources for Alley Plowing, Street Plowing, Sidewalk snow removal, and more.

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