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Union Park District Council's micro-grant mission is to provide funds supporting activities to connect all residents, renters, homeowners, small business, and agencies serving the people of Union Park. 

The Neighborhood Involvement Committee reviewed all timely microgrant application submissions and has awarded $400 to each applicant. Thanks to a generous donation from a committee member, we were able to increase our budget by $200.

James Bruns' Merriam Station Community Garden Orchard: James received money to plant fruit trees at Merriam Station. This long-term project will provide even more resources to the already rich garden, and will be free-picking for community members. 

Lindsay Duke's Pavement Painting: Residents of the Aldine Park area may have noticed that the iconic street painting at the intersection of Herschel and Iglehart has been worn down. Lindsay received money to repaint the pavement here and bring it back to its old vibrancy. This project has already been completed; check it out today!

Chillon Leach's Tree Stump Gardens: Chillon received money to transform old tree stumps on Dayton Avenue into vibrant planters for pumpkins, squash, and other plants and vegetables. This will replace a stretch of removed Ash trees on Dayton that have made that area barren and ugly.

The microgrant program is currently accepting applications,   you can view the Microgrant guidelines here, the application here, and the Budget Template here

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