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Union Park District Council's micro-grant mission is to provide funds supporting activities to connect residents, renters, homeowners, small business, and agencies serving the people of Union Park. 

The microgrant program is now accepting applications! Submit your application by Monday, April 15th, 2024 for priority consideration of up to $400 in grant funding. No idea is too small! Submit your application here.

Past microgrant projects:

Afro-Cullinary Garden Fence: Ebony received funds to build a fence around a shared Afro-Cullinary garden that is used to educate youth in summer and afterschool programs. This supports a garden that builds community by volunteerism and youth education and helps kids identify where the garden begins and ends while they play in the area.

Wheeler Street Traffic Circle: Lisa received funds for a beautification and community engagement project in her neighborhood. This project helps the neighbors to maintain and improve planting in the traffic circle at Wheeler Street and to plan and provide supplies for community building activities at weekly block parties on Hershel Street.

Little Free Natural History Museum: With his own background in the natural sciences Ned received funds to create a Little Free Natural History Museum, a spin off of the little free libraries featured around the neighborhood. Filled with a collection of  fossils, shells, and rocks this little museum is designed to become a collaborative endeavor with the rest of the neighborhood--a place where  people can “take a fossil, leave a fossil”, and where the neighborhood  children in particular can have hands-on, educational encounters that  may spark a passion for the natural world.

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