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Volunteering with Union Park

Volunteering in your neighborhood is a great way to give back, connect with neighbors, and build community. Our board and committees are made up entirely of volunteers.  And, we welcome volunteers to help with events, reach out to neighbors through flyering and surveys, and provide support and talent in other ways. In fact, many of the beautiful photographs on our website were taken by James Ebert, a community volunteer.  

We'd love to talk to you about opportunities that match your skills and interests, so please contact us!



Current Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some upcoming ways you can help:

Block Ambassador Program

We’re currently seeking Block Ambassadors who are interested in organizing their neighbors and working to create a safe and vibrant community in Union Park.

Every strong community is built on a foundation of personal relationships. How well do you know the neighbors on your block? There are lots of reasons to organize: collaborate on solving problems, share opportunities and resources, increase public safety by practicing crime prevention strategies as a group, improve the beautification and environmental friendliness of the neighborhood with gardening or planting projects, care for one another in times of emergency, and enjoy the place you live with the people around you.

Please contact us if you’re interested in getting our Block Ambassador resources and being involved in great way to connect with neighbors.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in our Community

Volunteer at the Merriam Park Library 

Be a study partner to a child at Skyline Tower

Help people in need through Keystone Community Services

Neigbhorhood Honor Roll   

Every year, we recognize three outstanding community members from Union Park as part of the citywide Neighborhood Honor Roll Celebration. We nominate neighbors whose volunteer contributions have made significant and lasting impacts in the community.

This year Union Park District Council honors Nancy Rosenberg, Emily Hoisington, and Rachel Westermeyer:

Congratulations to our Neighborhood Honor Roll awardees! They are holding certificates, from left: Nancy Rosenberg, Emily Hoisington, and Rachel Westermeyer. A big thanks to them, and to everyone who volunteers time and energy to enhancing our neighborhoods! Read more about the honorees.