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Our Staff

Union Park District Council has a small staff that works diligently on a variety of issues and projects. We care a lot about our community!

Abdulrahman Wako

Abdulrahman Wako

Executive Director

Abdulrahman Wako ("Wako") resides right here in the Union Park neighborhood. He moved from Lansing, Michigan to Saint Paul with his family in 2006 and has since made Saint Paul his home. Wako is a community organizer at heart. His idea of a vibrant community is a relationally connected community. He enjoys talking with concerned neighbors about issues that affect them directly and working with these individuals to come together and organize for a better community.

Wako campaigned for candidates in the 2018 midterm elections and has learned that in order for each individual's voice to be heard, the community needs to first organize and then engage. In his free time, Wako likes to perform spoken poetry, take a walk at the nearest park or read a good book with his favorite feline, Haneef.

Community Engagement Associate

Jonah Wexler was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a current sophomore at Macalester College, Jonah is majoring in Geography and because of this knows that community organizing is a geographic act: interacting with people and how they relate to each other is at the core of his study. In his spare time, Jonah reads, bikes, and adjusts to the Minnesota cold!