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Merriam Station Community Garden

Merriam Station Community Garden sign

The Merriam Station Community Gardeners have actively transformed a previously neglected tract of land into a true community treasure. They have made affordable garden plots readily available to a diverse group of gardeners, and have promoted the growth and consumption of fresh organic food throughout our neighborhoods.  This valued community asset benefits not only its membership but the broader community through contributions to a local food shelf, educational opportunities, and engaging events, and increased public safety.

Merriam Station Community Garden is located on a Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) right-of-way along Gilbert Avenue just north of I-94 and just west of Prior Avenue.

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Eleanor Graham Community Garden

Eleanor Graham Community Garden sign

The Eleanor Graham Community Garden was established in the 1990s on land leased from St. Paul Public Works and is being enhanced year by year. Staying true to its original vision, about half of the plots are rented by neighborhood apartment dwellers. Full size plots (20 ft x 15 ft) rent annually for $30 and half-plots (10 ft x 15 ft) for $20. Gardeners are required to volunteer two hours per month to maintain Garden common areas: flower beds, native pollinator habitat, compost bins, food shelf plots, and lawn space. The Garden is home to two ancient bur oak trees as well as an orchard of fruit and nut trees. In 2021, the Garden hopes to welcome honeybee hives.

Eleanor Graham Community Garden is located in the triangle formed by Hamline Avenue, Ashland Avenue, and Ayd Mill Road. Most gardeners bike or walk to the garden, but street parking is close by. A broad footpath under the Hamline Bridge at Laurel Avenue permits access without having to cross Hamline. A bicycle/pedestrian path now runs along the Garden’s southern perimeter to provide access to the new off-street bicycle/pedestrian trail along Ayd Mill Road. If you are interested in renting a plot, email merle.greene@q.com .

Dunning Community Garden

Dunning Community Garden