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Many Neighborhoods, One Community

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Union Park is one of the 17 districts of Saint Paul, sitting between the Mississippi River and Lexington Avenue, and University and Summit Avenues. It includes the Desnoyer Park, Iris Park, Lexington-Hamline, Midway, Merriam Park,
Shadow Falls, and Snelling-Hamline neighborhoods.

What's a "District Council?"

District Councils are community-based, non-profit organizations whose purpose is to engage with and represent the voices of the people who live in their communities.

Our goal as the Union Park District Council is to empower the beautifully diverse neighborhoods within our boundaries and keep you informed on major events or changes in the community.

About Union Park


We envision a connected, vibrant, and welcoming community made up of walkable, sustainable, and affordable neighborhoods, shaped by the diverse people of Union Park.


We value the input of all members of our community and strive to amplify the voices of all of its members, regardless of race, gender, faith, rental status, or sexual orientation.

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