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Renter Engagement Task Force

Renter Engagement Task Force

The Renter Engagement Task Force was created by the Committee on Land Use and Economic Development (CLUED) in August 2018 to diversify the makeup of CLUED and otherwise bring renters into the fold of Union Park DC operations. The task force meets monthly to plan events targeted at renters and discuss strategies for reaching out beyond the usual crowd of CLUED attendees in hopes that participants can:

  • Learn whom they should call for what, so renters can access public and private resources available to them.
  • Understand rights and protections renters have under state and local law.
  • Connect with the district council in their neighborhood, and find out how renters can make an impact on local issues where they live.
  • Meet neighbors and plan new ways for renters to make their voice heard across Saint Paul.

We will update facebook and our webpage with details for the next Renter Social soon!

Note: You don't have to be a renter to attend.

Email for more information.