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Do you have an idea for a low-cost way to improve your neighborhood? Do you want to work with your neighbors to create community impact?

If so, we invite you to apply for a micro-grant to complete your project within our community.

The purpose of this program is to empower people with the opportunity to improve the quality of life within Union Park.

Our goal is to fund projects that involve or engage the community and meet one or more of the following objectives:


  • Increase the number and diversity of people who are involved and engaged in their neighborhoods and community
  • Strengthen neighborhood capacity to build community identity, leadership, skills, relationships and partnerships
  • Increase residents’ impact on public decisions and community life

We encourage applicants to accomplish these goals by building partnerships between neighbors, businesses and other organizations.  We also encourage the engagement of historically under-represented and under-served communities, including low-income families, people of color, young adults, immigrants, renters and people with disabilities.

Applications are due no later than April 30, 2018  

(in person, mail, or email)

Union Park District Council (UPDC)

Attn: Union Park Micro-Grant Program

161 Snelling Avenue North

Saint Paul, MN 55104


Please contact us with questions or for guidance on completing your application.

We look forward to working with Union Park residents that share our goal of building a livable, equitable, and sustainable community for all.

Grant-Making Process

Up to $1,500 is available to fund three projects in the Union Park community. Grant proposals may range from $200 to $600. Grants will be awarded through a competitive process managed by UPDC. The following factors will be considered when reviewing grant applications:

  • Potential for public benefit, and potential to connect with the grant objectives
  • Ability to provide matching resources from the community: volunteer time, materials, additional funds, etc.
  • Extent to which the project is a community-building collaboration or new partnership
  • Potential to reach diverse, under-represented, or under-served communities
  • Ability to complete the project, as indicated by a feasible timeline

The highest-ranking applicants may be invited to provide a brief presentation on their project.  The selection committee will bring the highest ranking grant projects to the Union Park District Council Board for final approval. Funds will be dispersed upon a signed MOU between the UPDC and the applicant.

2018 Timeline

Grant Applications available: January 1, 2018
Grant Applications due: April 30, 2018
Application Review and Finalist Presentations: May 2018
Awards Announced: No later than June 15, 2018
Project Completion: No later than December 31, 2018
Final report and documentation: No later than 30 days after completion of the project

Funds can be used for project-related expenses such as:

  • Materials to implement project
  • Promotion of the project
  • Food for events
  • Other actual costs
  • Professional services up to a $50 honorarium

Funds cannot be used for:

  • Compensation for volunteer time or grants or loans to a specific individual
  • Costs incurred in preparing this application
  • Direct social services such as food baskets or health clinic services
  • Events that cost money to attend or items intended for sale

Examples of possible projects

1. Community-building activities: neighborhood clean-ups, paint the pavement projects, block parties, neighborhood movie nights.
2. Crime prevention activities: neighborhood yard sign campaigns, block walking clubs, creative neighborhood forums.
3. Neighbor-centered projects: community story books, oral histories, photo collections.
4. Neighborhood beautification: planting projects, Little Free Library workshops, public art installations.
5. Classes or workshops: cultural craft or cooking classes, building workshops for youth.


The application requests information about your proposed project, including the following:

  • Brief explanation of your project
  • Your budget, including a description of how the funds will be used
  • Matching or donated resources towards your project
  • How your project connects to the grant objectives
  • How Union Park staff and volunteers can support your project
  • How you plan to promote your project in the community
  • Timeline for your project

Projects must take place within the Union Park Community

Union Park’s boundaries are Lexington Parkway (to the east), Summit Avenue (to the south), Mississippi River (to the west), and University Avenue (to the north).


Please contact us with questions or for guidance on completing your application. We look forward to working with Union Park residents that share our goal of building a livable, equitable, and sustainable community for all.