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Environment and Parks

Our Environment and Parks Committee usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Merriam Park Recreation Center. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, JUNE 19, 2019. 

The Committee identifies community needs within our current parks and explores ideas for future ones, works to secure improvements to our parks, and supports activities within them. The Committee also makes recommendations on the use of funds earned through a cell phone tower lease agreement, for park activities and improvements. If you have an issue you’d like to bring to the Committee, please contact




2019 Cell Tower Funds

The Environment and Parks Committee will begin discussing potential projects for the 2019 Cell Tower Funds. Have an idea to improve a local park in Union Park? Attend the next EPC meeting or email

2040 Comprehensive Plan - Saint Paul for All

The City of Saint Paul has released the draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan - Saint Paul For All.

Please give your opinions on the draft plan in the comment form through this link, or in-person at the public hearing at 8:30 a.m. on Friday January 11, 2018 in Room 40 (basement) of City Hall, 15 W. Kellogg Boulevard. The public comment period will end on January 11, 2019.


Community Dog Run proposal

Neighbors have come forth with a proposal to transform the greenspace at the southeast corner of Hamline and Ashland Avenues into a small dog run for off-leash dogs. UPDC has supported the proposal and neighbors are currently working with the City of Saint Paul on the project. 

Midway Peace Park

Union Park will have a new park opening on Griggs street in the Fall of 2019; for more information, check out the City's website

Merriam Park Master Plan

We have developed a planning document for future improvements to Merriam Park. [ Review the Master Plan here ]

Naming a "Union Park"

Our ten-year community plan contemplates naming a park or green space within our boundaries "Union Park" -- so the District Council will have a namesake, the park will have strong stewardship, and the area's history will be honored. In late 2017, we explored the idea of changing the name of Iris Park to Union Park, which was Iris's original name. After community outreach and conversation, the organization decided to keep looking for the best place to carry the name Union Park. Read more about this proposal here ]