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Rethinking I-94 in Union Park


We had a great turn out for our first event in the series on Sunday, July 15 at 1585 Marshall Avenue. We discussed Ayd Mill Road and the possibility of painting a mural on the rail bridge over the intersection of Snelling and Marshall with neighbors and gathered their feedback. There was wonderful live music from The Smilin' Cowboys, delicious pizza from Pizza Luce, and lemonade popsicles from Pop-Up Meeting! Thanks for everyone who attended and participated in our engagement activities! 






On Saturday, July 28 from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm we will be at Merriam Station Community Garden  (2001 Gilbert Ave) to discuss an extension of the Midtown Greenway. For more information about the proposed extension from the Midtown Greenway Coalition, check out their website. Bring your family to enjoy free Foxy Falafel and watch "The Sleeping Child", a puppet show put on by local artists (show times @ 12:30 pm and 2:15 pm).

"The Sleeping Child" is a puppet show with original songs and music composed by Mrya Hart. It is a new production of an original script written by Ms. Hart. Puppets are created by Margo McCreary. The show is performed by Zoe Hollander, Emma Mingo, Margo McCreary, with pianist Marya Hart and percussionist Bruce Wintervold. For a schedule of all the puppet shows this summer, check out Margo's website here.

The Sleeping Child: The story follows the plight of a mother and her children who have been pushed out of yet another home. One of the children has fallen asleep and takes a dream journey. She is guided to some special places by a magical Sprite, who helps the child find the impetus to wake from her extended sleep and help her family find a home.