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Our Board

The Union Park District Council is governed by a volunteer board.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of 21 community volunteers – 11 are elected to positions based on geography or business representation, and 6 are appointed from institutions and organizations. The community votes for elected members at our annual fall meeting to serve staggered two-year terms, so that approximately half of the seats become available each year.  Mid-term appointments can also be made to open seats.

Anyone who is 18 or older and lives, owns property, or is the owner or designated representative of a business within the Union Park district boundaries can serve on our Board.  Serving on our board is a great way to give back to the community and to ensure that Union Park continues to be a wonderful place to live.  Contact us if you’re interested in applying.


Our meetings

Meetings of the Union Park Board are open to the public. Community members are encouraged to attend!  The Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Episcopal Homes, in Otto Hall. We usually start with a voice from our community, hear reports from our committees, discuss issues of interest to residents, and take actions important to the successful operation of our organization. You can review recent board meeting agendas here.


Our board members

The District community is divided into 11 grid sections, with a board member elected to represent each section.  We also have one elected nonprofit representative, one elected business representatives, two at large representatives, and six members appointed by institutions and legacy neighborhood organizations. 



Drew Ross is a writer.  He  is currently working on several stories of Twin Cities history, including photographers, winter carnival, and the Midway.  He serves on the parks committee, and is also very interested in safe, sane traffic routes for all modes of travel.

Kyle Dukart has been a resident of Union Park since 2007. He is especially interested in creating fun, interesting and valuable avenues for people to get involved in their community. As an employee of the University of Minnesota, he's also interested in creating experiential learning opportunities for college students. He lives in the Merriam Park neighborhood with his wife and five children.

Rob has lived and worked in Grid 4 since 2005.  He enjoys the outdoors and traveling when he’s not restoring his home or advocating at the state capitol.

David has lived in Merriam Park near Snelling and University since 2005.  He has been to all 50 states and is currently an Area Governor with Toastmasters. 

Katie has lived in Merriam Park with her husband and two rescue dogs since 2013.  In addition to serving on the Union Park District Council Board, she also serves as Chair of the Land Use Committee.  Katie is an attorney and utilizes those skills to advocate for forward thinking development and improvement of the Union Park neighborhood.  Katie and her husband love to travel and are currently working on restoring their 100+ year old home.  

Adrian was born and raised in Saint Paul. He's a graduate of Saint Paul Central High School and Concordia University. He owns a home with his wife and two cats, and serves as the Assistant Director of Academic Advising at Concordia. He is also on the City of Saint Paul's Planning Commission, served on the board of the Hallie Q Brown Community Center, and was a member of the Snelling Midway Community Advisory Committee addressing redevelopment issues.

Molly has lived in Union Park since 2002, first as a student at the University of St. Thomas and since 2008 as a homeowner. She's interested in transportation issues, and cares about fostering a positive relationship between St. Thomas and neighbors. Molly works for the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, volunteers for the Special Olympics, and serves as a Ramsey County Community Affairs Officer and a member of the Ramsey County Community Emergency Response Team. 

Noelle has lived in Merriam Park for over 30 years.  She is interested in working with residents to accept change and welcome diversity, and to promote the safety of children and their families.  She was born in France and was raised in France and Senegal.  She and her husband, John, raised three children who are bi-cultural and multilingual. 

Shirley and her husband raised three daughters in their Union Park home, having moved there in 1998. She is Executive Director of Friends of the Parks and Trails of St. Paul and Ramsey County.  When she’s not promoting parks and green space for others, she can be found enjoying her backyard with her three rescue dogs or gardening in her front yard, hoping to give pollinators a fighting chance.  Last year, she and her family counted 50 monarch butterflies flitting around the front yard at one time.  A former librarian and lover of books, her husband designed and built a Little Free Library.  When it was obvious that it had become a popular community attraction, he built another one for the kids.

Emily lives in Lex-Ham with her spouse and four children. She loves having so many grocery stores within a short bike ride of her house and considers her bike trailer a second minivan. She co-chairs the Transportation Committee.

Dan has been living in Grid 16 of the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood since 2006.  He’s a Civil Engineer and enjoys restoring his historic home that was designed by Franklin Ellerbe.

Josh and his wife Laura have lived in Merriam Park since 2002.  He is on Exec, Land Use, WSNAC, and the Neighborhood Involvement Committee. He runs Crows Nest Design, building and designing architectural projects in his office in Lowertown.  He is also a printmaker, and has recently been the printer at the Renaissance Festival.


Faris and his wife Ashley have lived in Union Park since 2013, and both of their young children have lived in Union Park their entire lives. Faris is an attorney in private practice at the law firm of Greene Espel. He believes that civic engagement helps build better neighborhoods and raises the quality of life for all of its residents, and wants to help bring Union Park residents together through community events, encouraging the development of green space, making sure everyone is heard.

Other Elected Seats

At Large Business

Marcy is the Owner & CEO of Midpointe Event Center and Dancers Studio in the Midway area of Saint Paul, which she founded in 1986.   She is a board member of National Association of Women Business Owners - MN Chapter.  She is also an active advocate and committee member for St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, and Midway Chamber Of Commerce.  Marcy is a former Minnesota and United States Ballroom Dance Champion and a United States Latin Dance Champion finalist and is the proud mother of 4 lovely children.


Lula Saleh is an artist organizer and writer who works as an inter-cultural bridge builder, social change maker, and community-based artist. She currently works with African Economic Development Solutions, on Union Park's northern border, where she focuses on creative placemaking centering around African arts and culture in Little Africa, the only African business district in St. Paul. 

Appointed Seats

University of St. Thomas

Dan and his family have lived one block north of UST on Dayton since 2003.  He was appointed to the Board in 2013 and remains actively engaged in neighborhood issues.  Dan is the director of Conference & Event Services at UST where his role is to rent meeting venues and facilities to external groups.  His office brings over 40,000 visitors to campus annually and has a significant economic impact to local businesses.

Concordia University

Bruce is the Associate Vice President for University Relations and a Professor of Economics at Concordia University.   His area of expertise is in the economic contributions of immigrants and minorities.  He has worked extensively with non-partisan multi-ethnic collaborations on policy issues. 

Macalester College

Gordy is a Minnesota native and Macalester college senior who has lived in Union Park since May of 2016. One of his favorite pastimes is taking carefree walks all around beautiful Union Park and patronizing favorite local business like the Neighborhood Cafe--although Dairy Queen is always a treat! A Geography major and Environmental Studies minor, he loves learning about and discussing issues of pedestrians' rights, urban planning/development, equitable transportation, and renewable energy. You may also catch him running or biking through the neighborhood or perhaps reading a good book under one of Macalester's glorious trees. 

Skyline Tower

Ismail has lived at Skyline Towers for the past 12 years. He is a limo driver and has an interest in issues that affect community like the new park at Griggs.

Lexington-Hamline Community Council

Jeremy serves on the Lexington-Hamline Community Council board and is a resident of the Lex-Ham neighborhood." It'd be great to get something there so it looks consistent.

Desnoyer Park Improvement Association

Gregg has lived in Desnoyer Park for five years with his wife Linda and dog Gracie. He has served on the DPIA board for three years, and manages the Desnoyer Park website, Facebook page and email newsletter. He especially enjoys the activities that involve the people in the neighborhood, like the Desnoyer Park Summer Picnic, and hopes to support more activities in the future.