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Connecting Community

The Union Park District Council serves as an important source of information of interest to our community. We share stories, photos, and information through a wide range of platforms including this website, our monthly eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Look for updates on neighborhood happenings in our regular column in the Villager Newspaper. We are active in other community discussion forums as well. If you are looking to get the word out about an event, project or anything else of interest to the community please let us know and we will share it with our networks.

Here are some ways to stay informed about issues and events in Union Park:

And, feel free to connect with us directly by emailing us at, calling us at 651-645-6887, or stopping by our office

Block Ambassadors

We’re currently seeking Block Ambassadors who are interested in organizing their neighbors and working to create a safe and vibrant community in Union Park.

Every strong community is built on a foundation of personal relationships. How well do you know the neighbors on your block? There are lots of reasons to organize: collaborate on solving problems, share opportunities and resources, increase public safety by practicing crime prevention strategies as a group, improve the beautification and environmental friendliness of the neighborhood with gardening or planting projects, care for one another in times of emergency, and enjoy the place you live with the people around you.

Please contact us if you’re interested in getting our Block Ambassador resources and being involved in great way to connect with neighbors.

Our representatives

Saint Paul City Councilmember Dai Thao represents Ward 1, an area east of Snelling Avenue

Saint Paul City Councilmember Mitra Jalali Nelson represents Ward 4, an area west of Snelling Avenue.