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Neighborhood Involvement

Our Neighborhood Involvement Committee is currently on a regular meeting hiatus but members continue to advance projects such as our Block Ambassador and Micro-Grant initiatives. Please email if you are interested in getting involved.

The Committee addresses neighbor concerns including crime and quality of life issues, promotes community building through meetings and events, and provides and exchanges information to ensure a healthy and vibrant neighborhood. 

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the Neighborhood Involvement Committee. If you would like to be on our distribution list or obtain a copy of any meeting minutes, please email If you are interested in joining the Committee, you’ll need to attend three consecutive meetings to become a voting member. (Please note that membership is limited to people over 17 years old who live--or own property or a business--within the Union Park boundaries and that voting privileges shall be revoked for any community member who misses three regular or special meetings over the course of a calendar year after becoming a voting member.)



Neighborhood Involvement Committee initiatives

Our primary current NIC projects are the development of a Block Ambassador Program, executing a new Micro-Grants Program, and organizing a neighborhood Progressive Dinner.

We are also currently looking for residents who are interested in creating a Paint the Pavement project for their block (as seen in the photo on the left).  

If you have any interest in these or other community building ideas, please contact us and attend our monthly gatherings.